Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Here is the link to the "12 pages in 12 hours Comicbook event I took part in a few weeks ago. From this link you see the work of all the artists that participated in Paris and Berlin. A very interesting idea....  we basically met up with the materials that we were going to use to make our work, and were given at the start of the event the theme to work from.  Our theme was "Tour" or tower in English. We then were to generate a 12 page work based on the theme given, I chose originally to work form a story told to me by my stepmother about how her and her sister would climb an old WWII lookout tower near their childhood home. the idea developed into a story about what the tower could mean to different people, and most importantly I think, a metaphor for imagination, and over coming fear to become your true self.

Also I am selling drawings as of last week on Ebay. You can find my auctions by searching the username mjmcjilton7911.


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